Using Your New Ukulele


 Thank you for purchasing your new ukulele from us. Here are some hints and suggestions to help you get the most out of your instrument when you get it and to help you get the most life out of your ukulele for the long term:

1.       Do a thorough physical inspection of it to make sure it wasn’t affected by what we affectionately call the “UPS Custom Shop”.  No matter how well we pack an item, sometimes it gets damaged in shipping. If your guitar has physical damage from shipping , contact us immediately and we will make it right.

2.       Let your ukulele settle in to it’s new home. – Your uke just finished a rough trip. From our room temperature warehouse to a truck that could have been very hot or very cold, to a UPS warehouse that could be pretty warm, back into a truck, and then to your porch. Because ukuleles are made of wood and they expand and contract due to temperature it takes 2-3 hours at room temperature for a guitar to “settle” into it’s natural state. That is when you should tune it up and play it.  99% of any buzzing, fretting out, breaking of strings during tuning , or issues with action can be avoided by letting your new uke get used to it’s new home.

3.       Adjustments may need to be made. No matter how hard we try we can’t prevent the fact that the action or intonation on your ukulele might change from the time it leaves the factory until the time it gets to you. If the action is high or low or the intonation is off when you get your ukulele, immediately do the following: 

4.       Store your ukulele properly. The death of many a uke has been caused by standing it up in a corner, leaning it on an amp, or carrying it to and from gigs or practices without a case. Just like a car kept in a garage lasts longer and looks better, a ukulele kept in a case will do the same. If you are just carrying it to lessons or you don’t take it out much, a gig bag is probably enough to protect your uke. These are relatively inexpensive and they are a great investment. If you take your uke out a lot to play gigs, travel, or carry back and forth to school or other spots, a hardshell case can be a great investment that will more than pay for itself by extending the life of your ukulele.  Plus you should ALWAYS get a ukulele stand, wall hanger, or some other device to hold your uke safely. A wall just doesn’t cut it! Butler Music stocks all of these accessories and you can find them by going to our website or calling us directly.

5.       Treat your ukulele right. To play at it’s best, your ukulele needs a fresh set of strings for every 30 hours of play time . Depending on how much you play, this could be a week , a month or a year so we can’t tell you exactly when you will need new strings. Also, even if you don’t play a lot, if your strings start to oxidize, change color, or if your uke gets harder to tune it is probably time for new strings. Some people who sweat a lot or have a lot of natural acids in their skin can wear out strings faster than others. Also, use a strap. It will keep you from dropping the uke while playing it and also it will make your ukulele much more easy to handle. Finally, wipe down your uke regularly, occasionally give it a good polish with a compound made for polishing ukuleles, and wipe down the strings some times as well. You can get strings, straps, polish and anything else you need to keep your uke in shape at our website or by calling us.

If you treat your ukulele well and keep it maintained well and stored properly, it will last a long time. For any accessories you might need just go to our website at and enter the coupon code “accessories” for 10% off of any strings, stands, polish, straps, tuners, picks, or other small accessory items you might need.