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Meet the people that run this joint! If you call and ask for them by name they'll be glad to talk to you! We like to think we've found the perfect blend of people with this group, and they're ready to help locate that piece of gear you're searching for.
Jeff Sefton

A business man at heart, Jeff has been running his own
show since 1987 selling everything from vintage spark
plugs to vintage guitars. He knows just about everything 
there is to know about everything.

Favorite Gear:

Andy Gough
General Manager

Since he was 15, Andy has been working at Butler Music,
and celebrated his 20 year work anniversary in 2022. Retired
from his run in the KC music scene back in the day, Andy now
slings guitars to anyone from beginners to pros.

Favorite Gear: Hagstrom Viking Baritone, Ernie Ball, old parlor style guitars.
Amber Helgren
Sales Specialist/Customer Service

An old-school Butler Music staff member, Amber can be found
just about anywhere in the building. Retail store, warehouse,
photo room--you name it, she can do it. If you've ever called in
and gotten a sassy voice on the line, you're talking to Amber.

Favorite Gear: Luna Ukuleles, Alvarez Acoustics, Tambourine
Ashley Fuhrman
Sales Specialist/Customer Service

Ashley came on with Butler Music at our new location in Harrisonville in 2017. She regularly performs her own acoustic sets, is a killer fisherman, and will unload a truck quicker than anyone else in the company. Her heart is almost as big as her muscles, and she's got the singing voice to match.

Favorite Gear: Jackson Guitars, Alvarez, Ernie Ball
Wyatt Renne
Shipping and Receiving

Wyatt can tell you where everything is located in the building at
any given time, and can safely pack just about anything while being
creative and efficient. He's an original Butler Music staff member
starting his career in 2012 with the team. He's a big Metallica fan,
so don't hold that against him.

Favorite Gear: Tape gun, box cutter, measuring tape
John Allin
Banjo, Harmonica and Guitars

The newest member of the Butler Music crew, John has a wide range of experience with 
banjo, harmonica, and guitar--even a bit of drums. When he isn't re-enacting Civil War
skirmishes, he's putting time in at the store or out at a gig.

Favorite Gear: Gold Tone OB-3 Banjo
Rich Newberry
Sales, Gretsch specialist

Rich has worked at various stores in the KC area since the 80s,
and collects just about everything. From campers to vintage bicycles,
there's no hobby that he can't handle.

Favorite Gear:
Andrew Nelson
Sales Specialist

A lyrical genius in his band "Saint Andrew and the Hurricanes", Andrew probably has the most creative mind of the bunch. You may or may not get his jokes, but He's always willing to help someone find just the right instrument. https://www.facebook.com/SaintAndrewAndTheHurricanes/

Favorite Gear: Seagull guitars, Breedlove guitars, Fender Acoustasonic amplifiers