About Us

At Butler Music we strive to be the world's largest mom & pop music retailer. Like most mom & pop music stores , we don't sell everything but we have a decent variety of products.

Unlike most mom & pop music store, we buy in HUGE quantities so we can stock deep and sell cheap. At any given time we have over 4,000 ukuleles, 2,000 guitars, and several thousand other items in stock.

We also buy overstock , closeout, sample, and one of a kind items from our suppliers on a regular basis, so in many cases we can offer you the best prices anywhere.

Butler Music is an authorized dealer for:

Alvarez, Amahi, Breedlove, Cordoba, DDrum, Dean, Dean Markley, Danelectro, Digitech, Dunlop, Herco, Eden, Effin Guitars, Fender, Fishman, Giannini, Godin, Guild, Gold Tone, Gretsch, Hagstrom, Hamer, Hohner, Ibanez, Jackson, Jay Turser, Kohala, Kremona, Lanikai, Lucky Penny, Luna, Mapex, Mick's Picks, Ohana, Orange, Oscar Schmidt, Perri's Leathers, Profile, Quiklok, Randall, Seagull, Sonor, Sigma, Stagg, Takamine, Washburn.

All of our items are fully guaranteed to be exactly as listed and we think our quality and prices will be some of the best you can buy. Feel free to e-mail us or call us at (816) 925-4686 if you have any questions about us or any product we sell.