"Talent Booster" pedal from DBZ Diamond -Has nothing you need all in one package

"Talent Booster" pedal from DBZ Diamond -Has nothing you need all in one package

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This is it. What you've been waiting for all your life. One button talent! Need we say more? Impress your friends. Get the girls. All in one little effects box.

This pedal has true bypass, mainly because it does nothing. It has a working switch that makes nothing work. If you put in a 9 volt battery it will light up but it works just as well without a battery.
Works equally well for guitar or bass.
Will never break (because it doesn't do anything).
DISCLAIMER. Product will not affect tone. Product will not improve playing. Product will not improve sound. But it does make the perfect gag gift. . . Wired straight through as a pass-thru, and functional LED, but not much else. Rugged switch, sturdy box, it is perfectly mountable on a pedal board and suitable for all musicians.
Product Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 2 inches ; 8 ounces
Shipping Weight: 8.8 ounces
But Seriously folks --- Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, band mate, son, daughter or friend who is into music but you don't know what to buy them? This sturdy metal pedal makes the perfect gag gift. What I did with a buddy of mine is give it to him and say it would be just what he needed to inprove his playing. He messed with it for 10 minutes before he told me "Hey, this is broken". When I told him the pedal was custom designed to do absolutely nothing he was quite impressed. In fact he couldn't stop laughing. Get this pedal for someone special and they can "turn it up to 11" anytime they want.
If you hook 2 of these together they will do twice as much as just one, so get two today.

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