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Fender BXR 200, 200 Watt Bass Combo Amplifier from 1997 - Very cool -Great Deal!

This great used (almost vintage) amplifier is in very good working condition and nice cosmetic condition as well. It does have a bent knob as I hope you can see in the photos , but overall it is a very nice amp and it even has the cover which we are including with it. It also has casters on it to make it easier to move around. Below are some of the factory specs on this neat old amp:

The BXR 200 is Fender’s most recent effort in state-of-the-art bass amplifier technology, and is a member of the FENDER BXR series. The design of the BXR 200 was carried out with the aid of some of today’s best bass players, and represents years of thought and consideration in determining features and specifications. The features included in the BXR 200 will provide a forum for almost every conceivable playing style, from “traditional” to “contemporary”, and those yet to come.

The preamp section of the BXR 200 features two inputs of differing sensitivities, allowing for the use of a wide variety of input sources and levels. A trio of ENHANCEMENT buttons are provided to enhance the low, mid, and high end of the frequency spectrum. HIGH and LOW shelving controls allow response tailoring of the high and low frequency sounds you and your instrument produce. The 9-band GRAPHIC EQ allows for up to 12 decibels of boost or cut in nine bands between 80 Hz and 8kHz. Processors from simple battery powered devices to professional rack mounted studio effects may be used at will. This facility is accomplished through the use of the back panel EFFECTS LOOP SEND and RETURN.

The rugged power amplifier is designed to give years of reliable service under all conditions. It is equipped with our exclusive DELTACOMPTM adaptive compressor system. With DELTACOMP, it is practically impossible to clip (distort) the power amplifier. The apparent release time of the compressor is short, yet distortion at low frequencies is kept to a minimum.


The inclusion of CHORUS infinitely widens the range of tonalities the BXR 200 can produce. By incorporating the chorus circuitry within the power-amp/compressor loop, the need for complicated and expensive compounding (quieting) circuitry has been eliminated.

The BXR 200 incorporates a highly efficient, computer designed, tuned-port cabinet, and delivers a full 200 watts R.M.S. to its single fifteen inch Fender Special design driver. The BXR 200 HEAD is designed to perform well with any high quality speaker system, but performs best when used with members of the FENDER BXR series, which include various combinations of ten inch and fifteen inch speaker enclosure systems.

The selection of a Fender amplifier will reward you with years of quality performance and a wide range of musical sounds.

The built in quality of a Fender amplifier is the result of over four decades of dedication, and the combined skills of research and development by our engineers and musicians.


Part number: 120V 022-4405-000
Type Specification: PR286
Power Requirements: 120V Version: 120VAC, 60Hz, 540W


Power output: 200W R.M.S.
Rated load impedance: 4 Ω
Distortion at 200 watts: Less than .1% @ 1 kHz, below compression

Less than 1% @ 1 kHz, maximum compression

Sensitivity: 1.03V R.M.S.
Input impedance: 22 kΩ
DELTACOMP (tm) range: 20 dB

Input impedance: Input 1 - Greater than 420 kΩ (typically greater than 1
MΩ in the passband)
Input 2 - 136 kΩ


Sensitivity for 200 W: Input 1 - 2.2 mV
Shelving tone controls: LOW +/- 12 dB at 60 Hz
HIGH +/- 12 dB at 10 kHz

Graphic equalizer: +/- 12 dB at 80, 140, 250, 450,
800, 1.4k, 2.5k, 4.5k, and 8kHz.


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  • Type Bass combo amp

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Fender BXR 200, 200 Watt Bass Combo Amplifier from 1997 - Very cool -Great Deal!

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