Skull Strings Stainless Steel Guitar Strings with 17% Chromium-Made for Metal!

 Skull Strings Stainless Steel Guitar Strings with 17% Chromium-Made for Metal!
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 Skull Strings SKL 10-46 guitar strings are designed for better flexibility and for sustaining incredible tone specific to the demands of the Metal musical genre. Typically the sound expected of stainless steel strings is a sound with a bite that is most often describes as being very bright with undeniable clarity. The normal level of oxidation resistance typically exhibited by the stainless steel is high, giving them a rather long life span initially. Skull carefully executes a unique blend of metals on these stainless steel strings including 17% chromium to formulate an invisible and protective layer that prolong the life and tone of these bass guitar strings. Every individual element used in the creation of these strings is designed to contribute largely to a metal specific set of guitar strings. The demands of metal music are not light or easy, they require dedication and skill to meet. These are the strings designed to meet the expectations of Metal musicians and what they want from their guitar strings. The addition of natural and practiced skill only helps to create a more incredible sound overall. The formulation of these electric guitar strings makes them more resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Each individual result was carefully planned out and decided before the materials were chosen. Once the materials were planned out, they were treated and manufactured in specific methods to achieve these high quality results. These standard bass strings 10-46, which are lighter in tension and brighter in tone, are perfectly balanced for drop-d tuning. Skull bass guitar strings are awesome for bright funky playing.

Stainless steel

Gauges: .010 .013 .017 .026w .036w .046w


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